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Why the name?

What do I do?

I chose the name Ether- real as I believe it is my purpose to bring the magic of the ether- the angelic realm- to life in everyday ways.  I do this through:

  • offering channelled messages through my healing artwork and colour therapy reports.

  • sharing inspirational image blogs and memes highlighting the vibrational design and healing power of nature.

  • providing spiritual counselling, energy healing, and training.

My extensive background includes art & design, health promotion, holistic therapy & counselling, many different schools of energy healing & reiki, colour & crystal therapy, training & coaching. I am also experienced in infant massage and yoga  instruction, aromatherapy & massage, starseed origins, akashic records and end of life therapy.

I specialise in supporting you to identify creative ways of viewing and resolving your life's challenges. For many, the catalyst to seeking help comes through life shocks and dark night of the soul experiences. These issues can express themselves through things like physical dis-ease, grief and loss and spiritual disconnect. By offering an alternative perspective on what your soul is expressing through these experiences I  can guide you towards the next steps on your spiritual journey. You can book sessions with me in:

  • energy healing

  • colour therapy

  • reiki training

  • spiritual coaching


Please fill out a contact form for your free initial consultation.

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